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» What is AdsNetwork?
» How does AdsNetwork works?
» How to earn from AdsNetwork?
» How to Withdraw?
» How to advertise?
» How to Add Funds?
» Payment Methods?
» How Much Time Does It Takes To Process The Payment?
What is AdsNetwork?
AdsNetwork is a mobile advertising platform where user can earn revenue by publishing ads and also can advertise their products.
How does AdsNetwork works?
On AdsNetwork, site owners can advertise their sites free of cost. You just share your users with other site owners who in return provide you their visitors.Also, you can convert the number of visitors you share into cash.
How to earn from AdsNetwork?
It is very simple to start benefiting from AdsNetwork. The basic structure of how AdsNetwork works is:
- Account Signup
- Add your Mobile site from your dashboard.
- You place AdsNetwork ads on your site using PHP adcode or Javascript adcode.
- For each valid click you earn Upto 0.006$.
- For each valid click you receive from AdsNetwork, 0.002$-0.006$(Depend on you) will be deducted from your account. Invalid click will be given free as Bonus Clicks.
- Your visitors will come back to your site since they know your site. But users which we will send to your site will be new users for your site. This will help you grow traffic many times.
How to advertise?
To advertise on adsnetwork. Go to your dashboard>advertise>create ad to create new advertise. You can add funds or transfer funds from publisher account. You can also target country and devices.
How to Add Funds?
To add funds, goto your dashboard and then click on Add funds. Create an invoice and pay to adsnetwork.
Payment Methods?
Currently AdsNetwork support bellow methods:
-Recharge (BD,IN)
- Paypal
- Moneybookers (Skrill)
- bKash (BD)
- Bank Wire
If you want any new payment methods please contact us.
How Much Time Does It Takes To Process The Payment?
Currently AdsNetwork is paying within 15 days from invoice validation.
How To Withdraw?
To withdraw money please request money from your dashboard while your account balance is greater than $1. Please check our payment methods.
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